Original illustrations

Ornate portraits

Commissions inquiries are currently:


I am not working from description or taking design work at this time
Please read and agree to my terms of service before continuing

Basic Commission Prices

Flat color$60$90$120
Typeheadshot only
Mini ornate$150

*Prices are per character

Ornate Portraits

Price: $300Detailed waist-up of a character with a theme of choice. Additional large characters will add-on to the price. Background can be left to artistic liberty if desired. Small animals and props may be specified.


For business inquiries only.
Please be sure to include the commission type, ideas, and references in one email.

✦ about the artist

Jay, aka Cerylune, is a freelance digital artist from Florida, currently living in Maryland, USA. She draws mostly original artwork based on a story that's been world-built on for over a decade. It's fantasy, exploring imperfect gods, their creations, and what they will sacrifice for love. She is very big on videogames, monsters, and videogames with monsters.She currently has a very demanding full-time job and dreams of living in a small house in the middle of nowhere surrounded by swans.

birds ✦ fantasy literature & poetry ✦ iced coffee ✦ pasta dishes

✦ Terms of Service ✦

What I will draw/won't draw:

  • Mild nudity or gore is acceptable.

  • I will not draw heavy fetish material or hate art.

  • As the artist, I have the right to decline a commission, no questions asked.

  • You may ask me about fan-characters, but I may not accept commissions of them. Trademarked characters may also be declined. (DND or MMO characters are exceptions.)

Character info:

  • I prefer visual references for non-design work. I may charge an extra fee if no references are provided.

  • I may but rarely take artistic liberty on a character's' clothes or accessories. Please notify me beforehand if these are important.

Working process:

  • All customers will receive the high resolution .png of the artwork on completion.

  • The final image will be shown to the customer before posting, for any edits that may be needed.

  • There will be no edits after the final image has been posted, any additional edits will be charged a small fee.

  • Turnaround may vary. I will message the customer if anything should come up that may delay the commission.

Payment and refund policy:

  • I prefer payments up front.

  • I only accept money via Paypal invoices in USD.

  • I start on commissions as soon as payment is received.

  • Please be at least 18 years of age before making an inquiry.

  • I will not take payment in any form of cryptocurrency. The commission will be refunded and the client will be blacklisted.

  • I will not work with deadlines, but you may ask for a refund at any time. Refunds are based on the amount of work finished. No refunds will be provided after the work has been completed and delivered.


  • Alterations to the image are not allowed without being notified.

  • I retain full commercial and distribution rights on any image I produce.

  • In no way or form am I claiming the character(s) drawn in my commissioned images.

  • The commissioner may repost the commission. A proper credit would be appreciated.

  • The commissioner may use the commission image as they please for personal use only.

  • No art or related works made by Jay T. (Cerylune) may be used in any blockchain-related technology, to include nfts, cryptocurrency, or any future inventions in the space.